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Studio Recordings, Concept Album. On Sub-Industry Recordings, a subsidiary of Audio Documents & home to acklan.

Written, Performed, Art Direction and Design by Hasan for 21 Fortune Hills & acklan (except where noted)

Recorded at Acklan Studios, Studio 9, Roseville California (except Liquid)
All songs mixed by Fanatik onBEATS, except ProFundUs, Fugitive Slave Act, Rose Up & Aka Akeem Bode

Produced by Fanatik onBeats; 2,4,5,8
Produced by dHUA (acklan); 3,6,7.9
Produced by Husayn Jay; 1

All songs mastered by Fanatik onBEATS


Roosters Go Back To The Koop (CD)

Roosters Go Back To The Koop (CD)



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