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kay, this EP says it came out in 1997. But we just got it the other day, and while you are able to tell that it must have come out some years ago, if you don't know it, you are more likely to not have the thought creep up on you, as this still sounds fresh. We are confused about the track listing though, so what we write here is mainly a guess. However, we know Usephasan from the dope "Kh:iman.sip.8.tor" EP, and hence we are anxiously awaiting the promised album. In the mean time we travel back these few years, and as said, under close inspection, "Fore The Lov" sounds like something form a past era. That's not bad though, as these battling words didn't lose their grit, but they are somewhat lost in the peculiar recording. The EP continues with "Suspended animation" that's coming dope with a demanding beat, that's backing up more of the doubting you spitting. "BadasBROTHERS" gets used to introduce the crew with another dope beat and confident flowing. The vibe is pleasant, despite the battle tongues being swung. Further there's the jazzy vibe of "Naturally" that takes the emcee bashing further.

Flipping the EP over, we get a track that starts out sounding like something recorded live, and again having a demo feel, before the track changes into a lengthy track, that first has freestyled lyrics. And we are told this is called "Chemistry Teraqueous", that progressing instrumentally and in company of scratches after the lyrics disappear. Next up we get the instrumental of "BadasBROTHERS", before an unidentified entity (we call interlude) leads up to the instrumental of "Fore The Lov". So a whole lot of confusion comes with the record, that still is a cool release though, that's dope today, but must have been incredible four years ago.

review: tadah (urban Smarts)


Chemistry Teraqueous (Vinyl, Collectors Edition)

Chemistry Teraqueous (Vinyl, Collectors Edition)



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