ORNG sets milestones

ORNG sets milestones

ORNG has reached another milestone and is now preparing its roadmap, apart of Audocs future proofing of its platforms.

This week, ORNG and Novel partnered for making NFTs. Making authenticating shareholder assets and retrieval of tandem merch even more transparent.

"ORNG has partnered with Novel, a New York based company to mitigate some KING Coin/Token propagation on the blockchain. It became obvious we had to bring in a 3rd party to escrow some of our KING Coins. Novel will hold 3rd party tokens until transferred to the buyer," said William Robinson. "After lengthy discussions, we decided to implement Novel for supplier based KING Coin contracts, and some limited editions on Polygon," he added.

This is especially needed for artists, labels and publishers who prefer the hands-off approach to NFT, and simply as best practice at ORNG for our suppliers.

Eventhough ORNG accepts contracts from almost any blockchain. Creating a truly decentralized ledger approach for collections was needed. The immutable portion is derived from moving beyond proof of concept to actual authentication and provisional records and record keeping for inventory on hand.


ORNG milestones on the blockchain?

  • Automation thru open records.
  • Easy retrieval of goods for buyers.
  • Clear records of inventory on hand.
  • Authenticated goods from artists, labels or publishers.
  • Elimination of illegal duplication (bootlegs) of goods.
  • Enhanced sales records and proof (warranty).
  • Reduce investor risk.


ORNG Solution (roadmap 1.0):
  •  In-House Blockchain Smart contract.
  •  KING Coin NFT Token Collection.
  •  Crypto Wallet access!
  •  Crowdfunding thru shareholding.
  •  File storage & retrieval of unlock-able content.
  •  Protection of intellectual property.
  •  Wallet-to-Wallet options for Cryptocurrency Exchange. 
  • and more.
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