Origins by Divine Styler

Origins by Divine Styler

audi0 ORIGINS by Divine Styler

About the collection:

ORIGINS (officially audi0 Origins) is a 4 piece offer from Los Angeles based artist Divine Styler. Images in the collection were acquired and curated by HA (Hasan) for Audocs in 2014. 

In 2014, Hasan met up with Legendary Emcee, Artist, Producer and proven Visionary Designer Divine Styler in Los Angeles. "I really wanted him to be on the compilation, but was to shy to ask, he showed me some digital artwork that blew my mind. I asked if we could purchase one for the Origins: Audocs Volume One Compilation. He sent over a zip drive and said pick which ones you want. Lets just say, I got the cover (#1) and a few more. ~HA

The 4 piece set of digital artworks will drop separate starting with Origins #1, album cover art from the Compilation.

About Divine Styler:

Divine Styler is a visionary period. His works are futuristic, including audio and visual concepts. His latest Def-Mask (12/2014) gave the public vast insight years before the pandemic of 2020.

The man they once called "the Jimi Hendrix of hip-hop" has returned with what Gamma Proforma feel is his strongest work to date. ~Forced Exposure

His work with Known Gallery, Los Angeles is documented.

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