ORNG now integrated with audi0 Wallet!

ORNG now integrated with audi0 Wallet!

Update: 11/20/2022

Athar bolstered ORNG earlier this year by adding NFT marketplace functionality to its already deep merch collection. Realizing the immediate workflow of web3, Athar launched the audi0 Agency to explore and develop mean-free or frictionless pathways to market. 

In the ever-changing marketplace, audi0 launched its Wallet at the end of October. A private version includes a ETH address and Private Keys. While the public version bolsters many features.

audi0 Wallet

The current audi0 Wallet (public) is a Sandbox non-custodial wallet. Easy sign-up and login through magic link connects you to your wallet in minutes. Login/logout and show wallet are the two current features. Once logged in, you can copy your wallet address (hash) and retrieve your 12 word phrase. Which allows you to import the wallet address into any custodial wallet. Running on Ethereum, audi0 wallet addresses and phrases can be imported into any multi-coin wallet or Ethereum based custodial wallet. Trust wallet, Zerion wallet, Trustee wallet, Metamask and more allow for import of audi0 Wallet addresses and phrases. Moonpay customers are able to load/purchase crypto-currency through audi0 Wallet. Secure storage and sending at very inexpensive rates currently highlight the functionality of audi0 Wallet.


Audio Focus

Brands, Owners, Artists, Labels and Publishers who are interested in preserving their catalogs with NFT offers, for fans/shareholders can sign-up for a wallet. Moving beyond crowdfunding, brands selling publicly or private are welcome by invite to the audi0 private BETA. Or publicly by signing-up here. Fans are welcome too!

audi0 Wallet is now functional at ORNG. Customers are able to use audi0 to send ETH/Ethereum crypto-currency directly to artists owned wallets. Secured thru magic link connect, customers are able to authenticate and receive NFT+ merchandise from the artists, brand or publisher. ORNG fulfills all physical merch transactions, including ship-to-address (drop-shipping) and check-out for customers not familiar with crypto-currency.

Brands can launch their audi0 Wallet address, and begin to set their own periods of redeem-ability for available audi0 and merch in the network, including ORNG.


How it works 


Contact audi0 for a private wallet beta-test. Drop a few lines, nothing lengthy about your brand, audio connections and case usage. You can also mention ORNG if you plan to sell merch at ORNG. A private walk-through should get you up and running.


Sign-Up here.


ROADMAP: Planned Features

Because of the simplicity and functionality audi0 Wallet is giving. Growth is limited. The only other real world usage is to make audi0 Wallet a custodial wallet. Which means allowing for storage-trading (sending) of NFT’s, and a few more features. In turn making audi0 Wallet a robust global mobile and desktop application for crypto and NFT. This would also include custom artists and brand signatures for NFTs. And possible dAPP solution for custom minting and mint-contracts from inside the wallet.

  • audi0 Coin redemption for Crypto cash and Merch
  • Custom NFT signatures by Artists.
  • Direct connect to audi0 Network markets, business's and more.
  • Wallet Connect bridge
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