ORNG Fulfillment

ORNG Fulfillment

ORNG since conception has made digital and physical fulfillment a cornerstone of business.

Now with redeemable NFTs, customers receive their NFT, and access to twin or tandem merchandise, simply by connecting their wallet to product pages at ORNG.

Bundled products, or products with physical and digital components with an added NFT layer gives members and other customers exclusive access to merch not offered at any other global marketplace. Whether pop-up, brick-and-morter or online.

Now, you can mint your NFT, use it at checkout for merchandise and enjoy the download before your merchandise arrives at your doorstep.

"Its been a journey that has taken us almost 2 years to achieve. With the clear cut market advantage of redeemable merchandise and NFT, ORNG is prime as a fulfillment service for bundled product orders. Not only are we fulfilling vinyl, cd, dvd and cassette. But we have raised the status of the physical merchandise, with NFT and digital downloads. Getting the customer their goods in a very streamlined, efficient and mean-free (no barriers) way. Giving the customer more control, immediate rewards and long-term satisfaction from purchasing at ORNG and its brands," said William Robinson.

ORNG also provides physical merchandise shipment tracking to monitor your goods prior to arrival.

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